COMING 2019



We didn't start Pillbox to just sit in the stands forever - we want in the game!


Why player bats? After busting our butts for a few years making vintage styles and artist series bats we've begun the craft of making modern styles and we think we have a few tricks up our sleeves to make a top-notch bat. A bat that we'd be proud to put the Pillbox name to and a bat that we'd be confident putting in a players capable hands. 

Coming 2019: We're still very much in the testing and fine-tuning phase of the craft. We'd like to hear from any of you players out there who might be interested in testing out one of our bats or just want us to drop you a note when we're ready to spring these into the world!

Bat Details: We don't have much to share at the moment. What we will share is that each and every bat will adhere to the Pillbox standard of quality and design. We're busy analyzing and over-analyzing every detail of the bat-making process - from the lumber we use to the products and practices that go into making each bat. So that when we're ready a Pillbox bat will be among the best of the best out there. Rest assured these bats will look slick as well!