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Pillbox Player Bat Launch

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Player Bat Funding Campaign

Expected Fulfillment Dates

  • Goods: Apparel and Art - Early April 2019
  • Art/Vintage Bats: April 2019
  • Player Bats: May 2019


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This product will only be produced if at least $ 25,000.00 is contributed by March 23, 2019 00:02 (Central Time (US & Canada))

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We didn't start Pillbox to sit in the bleachers forever. We want in the game.

But to make that a reality we need your help.

In the winter of 2015 Dan and I (Zak) started Pillbox Bat Co. to make a little “coffee money” and work on something together. We’ve been friends since baby-hood. We played little league together and grew up best friends. I remember most years I spent a large chunk of the summer at Dan’s house because the ball-field we played at was just down the road. We filled the days with home-run derbys, baseball practice, exploring in the woods and seeing how far we could launch racquet balls or golf balls. We never found most of them. I’m certain somewhere in rural Wisconsin there is a beast in the woods who’s hoarding a large stash of them!

Fast forward to 2015. We were living on separate ends of the state (Minnesota) and didn’t have the opportunity to hang very frequently. I can’t even remember the last time we had played catch! So one day I had the thought that painting baseball bats would be fun. I called Dan up about 10 minutes into the idea and said let’s do this - and we were off! Funny side note to this whole thing is that we actually carved a few bats and painted them when we were in little league. I think we started with 2x4’s and made them sort of round-ish. Anyway, we had some expertise to get us started!

From very early on with Pillbox we told ourselves that making player bats was the ultimate goal. During the past few years we’ve honed our craft. Both painting bats and learning the art of wood-turning and manufacturing. Our art bats look great in the office or man-cave, but now we want to take that next big leap and produce bats that will be for game use. “Put us in the game coach. We’re ready to play!”

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Let's Talk About the Bats

Let's talk goals:What are our goals in making player bats? We want to make a bat that your 12-year-old self would be happy you were swinging. Let's put some fun back in the game!

Let's talk wood:The only place to start when talking about any wooden baseball bat is with the wood. There is no other component that is as important as the wood choice. We select our lumber from the best in the business - Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Co. Every one of our bats is made from a hard maple billet that is split, not sawn, to provide the straightest grain possible to ensure a top quality baseballl bat.
Paint & Finish:We've done our homework here. Not only is our paint and finish combo very durable but we're able to offer many custom options with our system. Want a shark mouth on the end of your bat? We can do that! Currently we are offering a stunning glossy finish with the option to leave the handle unfinished. But we are working on a matte finish that so far looks amazing, but we're still testing things.
What models will we be offering?: We're starting with all of the standard bat models(110, ap5, 243, 271, 73, etc.) before tackling our own designs later this year.
Why only Maple:We've chosen to only offer maple to start. This simplifies our production a bit so that we can focus on getting all of the other details dialed in before we expand to offering Ash and possibly Birch down the road.
What about MLB certified bats?:We don't want to start running before we learn to walk. We feel we need to put in the time and build our bat-making 'chops' before taking the MLB leap. Our working goal is to take that step in 2020.

Qualifications & Budget

Having over 10 years in the woodworking field and spending the last 3-4 years learning the craft of woodturning and batmaking places us in a very uniquely qualified position to tackle this. It’s all about the wood when it comes to wooden bats and we feel like we have a very good knowledge base in place.

We are asking for your help to raise $25,000 for this project. We are bringing in our own sizeable investment on top of that but we wanted to raise the rest with your help. Instead of going the traditional funding route of taking out a loan or finding investors we want to go with a crowdfunding campaign because it allows us to partner with all of you guys to make it a reality. We want to learn from you guys - what you want to see us do with bats - which is just as valuable as the money raised. We realize there are plenty of batmakers out there already and we want to come into this from a fresh angle, learning from you guys and bringing the Pillbox style and ideals to every bat we make.

Where will the money go? We will be using the money to buy a new CNC lathe, laser engraver, billet inventory and upgrading a few facility needs. The new CNC is over $20,000 in itself and the laser engraver is over $5,000 so this investment adds up quickly! This will allow us to make a wide range of bat models, even custom bat models, custom bat engraving and to be able to produce the best quality of bats - both finish and weight and painting.

Risks, Challenges and Timeline

We’ve been business owners and entrepreneurs for over a decade and we understand the pitfalls and unintended time-delays that can and will happen with a project of this size. We have target dates for producing these bats, but we will need to allow time for the lathe to be made and installed and for us to learn the processes involved with a new bat production method. We have been working for the past 3-4 months on some of the painting and finishing products and manufacturing techniques. We’ve put many new practices in place already and understand that we have many more to learn and refine.


Step #1: Run funding campaign - Feb. 20th - March 22nd

Step #2: Order/Setup Lathe, laser engraver and supplies - Mid-March through Mid-April

Step #3: Produce Bats & Fulfill Orders - Mid-April through Mid-May

Step #4: Works towards meeting MLB requirements - 2020 season!

Fulfillment Dates:

(If you order during the campaign these are the dates we forsee fulfilling orders - pending campaign success)
Goods: Apparel and Art - Early April 2019
Art/Vintage Bats: April 2019
Player Bats: May 2019

Housekeeping Notes:

Will player bats be available after the campaign:Not right away! We will be relaunching our website including player bats after all of the campaign sales are complete. Until we relaunch the website we will not be offering player bats for sale. If you want to get your hands on one make sure to order during the campaign.
Payments: All payments will be captured at the time of checkout.
When will we start producing/shipping product? We will begin producing all items once the campaign is fully funded.
What happens to my payment if the campaign is not fully funded? We will refund all player bat purchases in full. All art series bats and goods purchases will have the option for a refund or for fulfillment. Your choice.
What if the campaign is funded earlier than expected? We will begin producing all items once the campaign is fully funded. This means that all goods and art bats will begin shipping earlier than expected fulfillment dates. Player bats will still follow the same production dates.
Coupon codes: We will not accept any other coupon codes for this campaign.