Custom Vintage Bat - Customer's Product with price 195.00 ID V7pryPEeEOV26InvBaCnmh5U

SKU Barrel Colors - Base Color BlackBarrel Colors - Small Rings PistachioHandle Colors - Base Color BlackHandle Colors - Small Rings PistachioCustom Text - Color PistachioCustom Text - Font LobsterCustom Text - Custom Text Line - #1 All-In DisposalconfigId V7pryPEeEOV26InvBaCnmh5UproductUrl...

Barrel Colors - Base Color Black
Barrel Colors - Small Rings Pistachio
Handle Colors - Base Color Black
Handle Colors - Small Rings Pistachio
Custom Text - Color Pistachio
Custom Text - Font Lobster
Custom Text - Custom Text Line - #1 All-In Disposal
configId V7pryPEeEOV26InvBaCnmh5U
weight 250
RETURNS: We will accept returns if the item is in original condition or there is a manufacturer defect. If you would like to process a return please email - Note: Returns: We do not accept returns on custom engraved bats except for manufacturer defect. SHIPPING: We make most of our bats to order. This usually takes 1-2 weeks from time of order. All in-stock items will ship within 2 days. We ship via USPS Priority Mail. Tracking will be provided via email once your order ships.