Sandlot Game Signup


GAME TIME: August 24th - 2:00pm (1:15 to warm-up and choose teams)

FIELD: Gabrych Park, Winona, Minnesota

WHO CAN PLAY: Anyone 18 years and older. Ladies and Gents of all skill levels welcome! Sign-up below to help us get an idea of numbers.

WHAT TYPE OF GAME: 90 foot bases. Overhand pitching. Stealing of bases and third base signs acceptable. We'd like this to be a good quality baseball game that is a level playing field for everyone. We're here to have fun...not Pete Rose bowling over Ray Fosse style guys. 

WHAT ARE THE TEAMS: This is true sandlot style play. We'll finalize teams once we're at the field. Please show up early. 

WHAT SHOULD I BRING: Just yourself and a glove if you have one. We'll provide all bats and balls. Wood bats only! If you have catcher's gear please let us know if you can bring it. 

FANS: What if I want to come, but I don't want to play? Come out and cheer on the players. There is plenty of green space around the field with a large playground for the kids. There will be cheering and groaning and general biting of nails during the game.